If you successfully downloaded and installed the new iOS 7 you may have lost your previous made ringtones. Don’t worry they are still on your hard disk, I will explain where to find them.


iOS 7 has all new ringtones and sounds, but in Settings > Sounds > Ringtones, scroll all the way to the bottom to select any of the classic tones. There are new nice ringtones waiting for you to use.

Select a specific person in Contacts, tap “Edit,” and click on ringtone or text tone to set a specific sound for that contact. You can also create custom vibration patterns for different contacts in edit mode.

You can also easily make your own ringtones from any audio sound you like.

The trick is to sample a max of 30 seconds audio sound from any song or sound you like. Make an mp3 and import it in Itunes.

From there you will need to convert the file to an AAC file.

Go to preference and Import Settings and choose the AAC encoder.

Once converted, right click the converted song in iTunes and locate the file in your hard disk folder (show in window explorer for Windows).

You need to manually change the file extension from ****.m4a to ****.m4r.

Drag this file into iTunes Tones window, and you are done. By the next sync with your device, you will see this file in your device Ringtones folder.

iOS 7 use a different folder to store the ringtones than the previous versions, and that is why your previous created ringtones might not be located.

Simply copy from  C:\Users\***\Music\iTunes\Ringtones to C:\Users\***\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Tones and you will have them back on the next sync.